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Re: Wing is not a cutie.



Pretty Roboys

Brandy’s done another amazing image of this pairing which frankly there is just not enough art out there of. 

Beyond that she makes some very valid points that I wholeheartedly agree with. It’s hard not to love woobified fanon!Wing, I do too. But he isn’t canon accurate and I think people forget that. I’ve done a ton of character analysis for him for RP reasons, and though I won’t spew it all here (I will in a separate post if people are interested), I’ll say that YES. He’s flawed just like any other character. I always play him as having regrets for having to remove Drift’s agency and effectively become an oppressor in order to show Drift a better way. But though he regrets the necessity, he’d do it all over again the same way because he feels it’s what’s right, and beyond that, perfectly entitled to do so because he’s more ‘enlightened’.

Whenever I’ve play out this ship in RP it’s always with angst and schmoop and lust combined, and getting past their heavy history is a hurdle that either breaks them or brings them together. They both have apologizing to do, and finding a way to treat each other like equals instead of what they were before.

But in the mini? Yeah. Generally speaking, Wing tops in my mind. He’s clearly the more dominate personality. On that note, the thing I love about this image? Is that given their posture you’d assume—traditionally speaking—that Drift is the dominate/top in this scenario. But their expressions tell a completely different story to me. I love any image that defies the classic definition of topping.

Thank you for your comment! It seems like there are many fanon misconceptions about Wing, like for example that he’s the best swordsmech around, where in fact, he’s the first one to be defeated in the battle. I’m not saying he’s not a good swordsmech, but in the comic Wing is depicted as a brilliant boxer in the first place. That’s what Wing wanted to show Drift, and their sparring is a demonstration of Wing’s power not  “an opportunity” for Drift to escape.

Y-yeah… it’s good to know the image shows who’s controlling whom, just as planned. >v< Thank you again!